Duck Donburi

A fresh & fabulous way with Creedy Carver duck legs.

Duck donburi

A fresh & fabulous way with Creedy Carver duck legs. Simply scored then poached in a delicious Asian marinade then shredded and assembled into a warm, wholesome bowl of goodness. The meat will fall off the bone! This dish is the perfect antidote to Christmas over-indulgence with zero compromise on flavour. It’s most definitely a nutritious hug in a bowl!


4 duck legs, skin scored
250ml water
4 tbsp mirin
4 tbsp rice wine/sake
100g carrots
4 spring onions
100g mange tout
1 yellow pepper
100g cooked peas
100g cooked rice
4 eggs
½ tsp sesame oil
Large squeeze honey
Thumb size piece fresh ginger, grated
Handful sesame seeds


Heat the oven to 180*c. Mix together the water, soy, mirin & rice wine to make a marinade. Place the duck legs in an oven proof bowl & pour over the marinade and cook in the oven for 90min, basting half-way through. Remove the duck legs from the oven and set aside for 10 mins under foil.

Drain a little of the fat from the cooking juices and set aside. Ladle out 4-6 scoops of the cooking juices & mix well with the sesame oil, honey & ginger (you can shake together in a jam jar to combine). Prepare the veg: finely slice the mange tout, spring onions & yellow pepper. Grate or julienne the carrots.

Heat a dry frying pan and gently toast the sesame seeds

To assemble:

  • Shred the duck
  • Add the veg & rice, placing each component in a separate space
  • Dress generously with the jam jar marinade
  • Sprinkle over the toasted sesame seeds
  • Top with an egg fried in the reserved duck fat

Serve immediately!

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Jane Padwick

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