Our Story.

Founded in 1985 by Peter and Sue Coleman, as an addition to the family farm in Devon, Creedy Carver has specialised in producing the finest Chicken for over 30 years with a reputation for great flavour and a high meat yield.

In 1998, younger son James joined the family business and added Free Range Ducks to the offering which are now widely regarded as one of the finest ducks in the UK and one of the only free range, dry plucked ducks on the market.

The concept is the same now as it has always been, to produce great tasting poultry with a huge emphasis on bird welfare and sustainable farming.

Using traditional Free Range farming techniques and a cereal based diet both the chicken and ducks enjoy a leisurely growth rate which helps promote a great tasting succulent meat leading to a wonderful eating experience.

Free Range Chicken

All Creedy Carver free range chicken are reared to the highest welfare standards with access to large grassy range areas, many of which are planted up with trees offering shade to encourage the chicken to range.

All of our Creedy Carver free range chicken are fed on a natural, cereal based diet free from additives and growth promoters to promote a natural leisurely growth resulting in a bird full of flavour but still having plenty of meat on the carcase.

"If we grant ourselves the right to kill other animals for food, then the least we can do is strive to give them the best life in our care."

Peter Coleman, Director, Creedy Carver ltd.

Free Range Duck

All of our free range ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards offering a large grass covered range area and the opportunity to bath and clean their feathers as nature intended.

In 2003 James was named the NFU National Young Farmer of the Year and in 2013 was asked to attend and showcase his ducks at the Great Britain Campaign at the Foreign Office to help showcase the best products the UK has to offer.

"I have no intention or desire to be the biggest duck farmer in the UK but every intention and desire to be the best."

James Coleman, Director, Creedy Carver Ducks ltd

Our Product

A full range of whole birds, portions and offal available including our new, full of flavour, Free Range Corn Fed Chicken.

Sustainability & Our Farm

As the farm has developed away from conventional farming 10% of the farm has now been converted to a nature reserve attracting many wild birds, butterflies and insects.